Exclusive: How Women Can Start Freelancing Career in 2020?

This article is dedicated to all the women(single or married) willing to improve the financial status of their families by doing work from the premises of their home.

In this article, I will teach how a woman can be successful in Freelancing business or Home based business. I will explain the concept, procedure, platforms, suitable work categories and success stories of prosperous women freelancers.

To some people the word “Work from Home” does not sound real. But it’s a reality with trillion dollars’ volume and millions of people’s involvement. Read the authentic information about the freelance industry.

Why I am willing to guide you?

Being a female entrepreneur I am considering it my responsibility to share my knowledge and experience about this emerging industry. In a routine job or profession, it’s not easy for a woman(even for a man) to earn 15,000+ Ringgits (approx. 3,500 USD) every month but it took me only 10 months to reach this income level.

Here, I will explain the whole process step by step using simple words. If you seized my advises and instructions seriously, I can guarantee your success.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is to offer your services for someone else on a per project basis.
Suppose you have got singing skills. There are thousands of people online who are in need of fresh voice for their Voice Over work.

As a freelancer you can offer your skills for a fee. You will be paid per delivery, and once that’s done, you could take in more and more customers every day.

Are you ready to take this opportunity?

Maybe you didn’t take this opportunity seriously before or maybe you tried and failed. In either case you are at right place now.

Learning new things is good but at some point we don’t want to learn more and here this article becomes different from the thousands available on internet about starting a freelancing career.

I will not ask to learn new skills, instead I will ask you a question. Why don’t you sell the abilities you already have? Why don’t you Sell your personal Qualities & Skills?

You have to find What is Best inside you!

Self Assessment

Self-assessment is the first step to start a successful freelancing career.

Think about yourself and find:

  • What I can do better than others?
  • For what people appreciate me a lot?

For Example, you hosted a party at home and at the end everyone said that “You are the best organizer”. Or you invited someone at Dinner and they said “The food you cooked, we can’t forget all life”. Or you are a teacher and the Students told everyone about you that “Our teacher is world’s best teacher. Or When you sing a song in casual mode and someone ask to repeat by saying “it’s a very unique voice”. Or When you cared your grandmother in hospital and everyone said “you are very hardworking”.

Actually, it could be any personal quality which you are already using in your life and inspiring others.

Some people are inspiring others with their beauty which means their beauty is their unique selling point. They are getting attraction from everyone and everywhere just because they are beautiful.

Some people are extremely honest which means their unique selling point is Honesty. Because everyone loves to work with honest people.

Some people are not much intelligent but are hard workers. Their hardworking works as their unique selling point.

You have to find What is Best inside you!

It’s very important because at Next step you have to choose the category and platform where you can use your Unique Selling Point to start a success journey.

Note down your USP on a paper before reading 2nd part of this article. You can take a day or two to explore and conclude about your best skill.




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