Multi-level marketing business, despite all its flaws and notoriety, is still very successful. The main reason for this is the proposed advantages of MLM compared to the rest of the professions.
In an era where employment opportunities are limited, the adoption of this business is a chance to earn a fortune by utilizing personal abilities. A lot of people with no experience, without significant investments, without commendations have set flags for success.

When you look at MLM, the success ratio is quite small. However, in the context of real-life or compared to traditional opportunities, the business of multi-level marketing has given enormous benefits to the common man.


Making legitimate money is a daunting task today. Either you have a noble idea that makes you successful, or people use illicit means to get big money.
Bitsolives is a multi-level marketing company that operates through a plan constituted of finance and digital technology.


Multi-level marketing is the unconventional way of promoting any product. In which the Company does not advertise its products through the traditional media, but distributes the same money to the general public who advertise their product by word of mouth.


Bitsolives is an MLM company that has been operating for two years and about seven months.
During Bitsolives 1.0 version, they promoted a cryptocurrency. The Company completed the distribution of crypto Coin by distributing the best policy and tremendous benefits. Today, the Coin, which started selling for 10 cents, is trading at $ 3 per Coin on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and in the year 2020, everyone will be able to get coins in their wallets through a defined mechanism.
In the year 2021, hundreds of people are expected to be millionaires by selling their coins at the highest price.


By the end of Bitsolives 1.0, the Company has more than 60,000 members from 53 different countries of the world, including members from Korea, Singapore, Moscow, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, Oman, China, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Pakistan.

A moment from the Grand Event in Shangri-la Dubai on June 30, 2018

During the 1.0 phase, Bitsolives organized three mega-events in United Arab Emirates, Thailand, and Malaysia, six grand events in the USA, Canada, Belarus, UK, Kenya, and Malaysia. And hundreds of community events on the city level throughout the world.

In addition to distributing a 100 million US dollars commission, Bitsolives sponsored 5,000 community members for World Recreation Tours.

More details on the Bitsolives 1.0 achievements are available on the Bux Academy website.


Bitsolives 2.0 is launching from January 2020 to promote Forex trading profit packages. The duration of each contract will be 24 months. Bitsolives’ award-winning Forex trading team will secure profits for investors by trading on a Korean Forex Platform.

A particular percentage from the gross profit will be credited to the Investors’ Accounts. Investors can withdraw their earnings on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, as per their convenience.


The fascinating fact about Bitsolives 2.0 is that you can benefit from this business even if you have no experience in Forex trading. Firstly invest your money, and if you have confidence, you must tell your friends and reap the benefits through MLM.

In MLM, it’s a magnificent idea if the product benefits you in the long run. Usually, the products marketed through the MLM do not bear much value even at the time of purchase. Promoters present those products as gifts to avoid a comparison of the product’s market value.:)


Bitsolives is a reasonable opportunity for investors, willing to get handsome returns for the long term. Bitsolives Offering 5 Investment Packages starting from 200 US Dollars.
We are posting the packages’ details for the readers’ interest.

Silver Trading Package
You can buy a silver package for 200 USD with a return of 260 USD that you will receive in the shape of Bitcoin. If you do not sell this bitcoin right away, an expected increase in its value in the next few months will increase your return several times.

Gold Trading Package
You can purchase a Gold package for 1,000 USD with a return of 1,600 USD within 24 months.

Premium Trading Package
You can purchase a premium package for 2,500 USD with a return of 4,750 USD within 24 months.

Platinum Trading Package
You can purchase a premium package for 5,000 USD with a return of 11,000 USD within 24 months.

Diamond Trading Package
You can purchase a premium package for 10,000 USD with a return of 25,000 USD within 24 months.

Precious Moments from the Private Beach Party Organized for the Bitsolives Leaders, on June 28, 2018 in United Arab Emirates


If you are satisfied with your investment returns, you can invite friends or close acquaintances to join. By doing this, you can earn more money as per the following compensation plan.

Direct Sales Bonus
If you introduce a connection, you will get 10% of their investment as a bonus.

Pay-Leg Bonus
The Pay-leg or Binary Bonus in Bitsolives 2.0 is 12%.


Pay Leg bonus means you get a bonus from the sales of people you introduced, in addition to your direct sales. Pay Leg is a Bonus distribution formula in which you are given a bonus by accumulating the business of your lesser team’s volume.

Whenever you introduce someone, he or she becomes part of your team, just like you’re part of someone’s team A or team B.

For example, if sales in your Team A is 1,000 USD while sales in Team B is 1500 USD, you would be given 12% of the lesser side, i.e.,
1,000 X 12 % = 120 USD. Pending 500 USD sales in Team B will be carried forward until the next payout.

Matching/Magic Bonus

The Matching Bonus is genuinely marvelous. It gives you a certain percentage of the income of the people you introduce.

The magic of this bonus is truly understandable when only one of your team is active, and you are not eligible for the binary bonus. But you will be receiving the matching bonus from the person you introduced on the working side.

For example, if the person you introduce is earning 10,000 USD as Pay Leg Bonus, you will get 5% of his pay leg income. Not only this but up to his/her seventh Level according to your investment rank.

If you are a SILVER, you will get a 5% Matching bonus from your First 2 Levels.
If you are a GOLD, you will get a 5% Matching bonus from your First 3 Levels.
If you are a PREMIER, you will get a 5% Matching bonus from your First 3 Levels and 3% from the 4th Level.
If you are a PLATINUM, you will get a 5% Matching bonus from your First 3 Levels and 3% from 4th & 5th Levels.
If you are a DIAMOND, you will get a 5% Matching bonus from your First 3 Levels and 3% from 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th Levels.


Bitsolives recognition and rewards are to honor the members’ hard work. Bitsolives provides luxuries from expensive cars to large homes for achieving sales targets. Complete list of all the ranks and rewards is available on the Company’s website.


Maximum earning capping is the maximum revenue threshold for an account.

For example, If you have invested 200 USD, your account will be zipped on the day you will earn 600 USD, including ROI and all the Bonuses. If you are happy with this business and want to start again, you need to reinvest 200 USD to unzip the account.

Zipping will mean that you are not able to make any more money from this account unless you reinvest.

The maximum capping limit is different for each account as per the following stats.
For 1,000 USD package, MEC is 3,500 USD
For 2,500 USD package, MEC is 10,000 USD
For 5,000 USD package, MEC is 22,500 USD
For 10,000 USD package, MEC is 50,000 USD


The first and foremost advantage of capping is that the Company never goes into loss, and the chances of shutting down the project will be eliminated.

The other great benefit of capping is that you get the most out of repeat sales. Anyone from your team approach capping limit, they have to reinvest, and you will get bonuses again.


Bitsolives 2.0 is a Completely realistic plan. A certain percentage of the actual investment goes into MLM. The rest of the investment generates profits through Forex Trading to manage returns.
A budget is required each year to keep up with the costs of MLM, marketing, and promotions.

All members who have completed one year will have to pay a 50 USD subscription fee for the next year to receive the benefits of Bitsolives 2.0.

The annual subscription provides an opportunity for Bitsolives to perform better by only interacting with an active and committed community.


Bitsolives is and will continue to train new people as did in the past. Multiple training programs will be available for the community so that everyone can learn how to work for success.

Besides providing online training, selective individuals will also be sponsored to get training in abroad by internationally renowned instructors.


Bitsolives is a source to earn money as well as honor and reputation.

Successful entrepreneurs will be celebrated through Bux Academy, which is an international academy favored by millions of people from MLM, Forex and Crypto Industries.


Bitsolives is the best opportunity in 2020 to build a career with Bitsolives 2.0 and make your dreams come true. Start working with a real MLM company where honor, wealth, reputation are waiting for you.


Food For Everyone
No one should be hungry on planet

Mr. Mohsin Jameel (C.E.O CASHFINEX Exchange) and Mr. Asif Nazeer, an International network leader and the most lovable personality among the Bitsolives community, have launched a program in 2018 on the pattern of the United Nations World Food Program to help poor and deprived people in southern Punjab villages. With the launch of Bitsolives 2.0, they are planning to expand the program to various countries around the globe.

“House of Muhammad (P.B.U.H)”
a shelter for kids

Another Bitsolives leader from Pakistan Zille Hasnain Kazmi has constructed a 3-floors faculty on 1500 square feet, where some 25 orphans child sponsorship is being arranged. The guy now intends to make the world’s largest cardiovascular hospital in Pakistan.




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