Web Design for SME’s

The National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses Limited statistics show that SME’s are the leading force behind the UK’s economy.

Without the record breaking 5.5 million private sector businesses a staggering combined annual turnover of £1.8 trillion wouldn’t exist. That’s 47% of the private sector turnover.

After post Brexit vote wobbles, SME’s have renewed confidence in 2017. This should be acted on. Maximise your business potential before any Brexit implications. Be proactive about brand awareness and be the first name that springs to mind when a customer problem needs a solution.

If your business doesn’t have a commanding online presence, an optimum user experience website via a leading web design company and a digital marketing agency working on the visibility and accessibility of your SME’s services or products, there is no time like the present to initiate a positive change.

Common forms of digital marketing:

•  Search engine/internet banner advertising.
• Backlinks.
• MMS/SMS marketing.
• Videos.
• Social media.
• Pay per click advertising.

An enterprise that fails to be online is asking to fail

People habitually turn to screens for data and services. Gone are the days when the telephone book answered queries. Time efficient, cost effective, comprehensive data and high quality images can be reached 24/7 globally online. There is no “closed” time as with premises.

Web design company experts appreciate that clients don’t enjoy multi-click processes, difficult to read fonts or pages that remain at one size regardless of the device that information is being viewed on. The experience should be as simple, safe and positive for a smartphone user as it is for an office based PC user.

If someone isn’t enthusiastic about their time on your SME’s website, they’ll hit the close button and move to your competitors. Please speak to a digital marketing agency with web development experts by utilising the skills and experience of a firm like The Wysi Partnership.

Trust web development and SEO experts

SEO and the use of keywords form an integral part of building your online strength. This takes time. If you speak to a digital marketing agency that promises overnight miracles, please be wary. Slow and steady are watchwords with SEO.

If it was so easy and quick to be name one on page one of every search engine why would web development specialists exist?  

Web design company experts understand exactly how search engines work, what translates well for SEO company rankings, how to maximise the benefits of web development and the correct formula for documents so that search engines see them as a positive tool.

It may seem that if you want people to investigate garages in Reading that you could have “garages in Reading” on a document 10000 times and that this would secure the best place on a search engine. It has the exact opposite effect.  Search engines don’t fall for obvious SEO tricks. Legitimate articles and blogs with valid relevant backlinks are essential.

Talk to a web design company today to realise your SME’s full potential.