Understanding Surveillance Camera Technologies

Surveillance cameras are slowly becoming a necessity in the business as well as personal world. People are increasingly getting worried about their safety and security as there are daily cases of crimes all around the world. Therefore, installing surveillance cameras on your properties is essential to be one step ahead. Before setting up surveillance, it is important to know what you are looking for. Here are a few surveillance camera technologies that might solve your Hikvision security concerns :

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  1. Night Vision Cameras:

Light is an important factor for viewing and capturing images. Night vision cameras use a combination of light reception and infrared reception to produce their images. During the day time, night vision cameras use light reception techniques to produce image as there is ample amount of light available. During night time, they do with whatever light is present using the infrared reception.

  1. PTZ Cameras:

Pan Tilt Zoom or PTZ cameras allow you to completely control your video system. PTZ would allow you to cover maximum area of your room with very few cameras. You can use the powerful zoom to check out the most vulnerable areas closely, pan entire 360 degrees and tilt 90 degrees, which can either be preprogrammed or manually handled.

  1. License Plate Cameras:

These cameras are installed at the entry gates and they are used to monitor and capture the license plates of each and every individual that gets out or into the gate. These cameras are focused on the license plate area and have an excellent zooming capability, which allows them to read each and every value on the license plate easily.

  1. IP Cameras:

One of the most used type of cameras, IP cameras boast of their FPS and enhance digital zoom capability. As IP cameras are digitalized and their output is digital as well, they need a proper DVR or NVR connection. IP cameras can be wired or wireless and can be easily connected to the recorders using the same connection technology. These are network-based cameras that are easily accessible using the unique IP address of the cameras. This allows easy segregation of camera feeds as well.

  1. HD-SDI Cameras:

HD-SDI cameras are top quality 1080P video footage recording cameras. These are not advised if you are planning to store the camera feed. If it is just a live feed, you may use these but remember that they take up enormous amount of power.

Now that you understand the latest surveillance camera technologies, you can easily purchase the one that best suits your needs.