Things to consider while calculating the cost of your grow lights

Trends in gardening have changed over the years. With the unavailability of open spaces and gardens, people are opting for indoor spaces for growing plants. Well, when you plan to buy led grow lights, you need to consider the costs of installation and maintenance. Here, you will come across a short guide about the factors to consider when you install the grow lights.

Basically, you have three things to consider when you consider buying the grow lights.

Initial cost

The initial cost involves the upfront charges required to purchase the grow lights. First of all, you need to determine the type of lights you need to buy. Four types of lights are available in the market. These include the white lights, red lights, blue lights and the Par light spectrum. The costs depend on the type of light you are willing to avail. Besides, the area of your hydroponics Systems also determines the cost of the lights.

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Maintenance costs

From time to time, you need to spend a substantial amount of money on maintaining the lights. The LED lights may have to be replaced after they expire, or certain lights may malfunction even before the expected data. You can get an idea about the maintenance cost from the experts.

Ongoing costs

The ongoing costs involve the charges that are needed to run the system. Irrespective of the nature of light you are using, you need 25 Watts of light per square foot. Evidently, you should consider the electric charges involve in the process.

 Before you make your purchase, consider these factors and calculate the estimated amount of financial resources required. Most of the time, users need to spend a large amount as the upfront charges. The maintenance and replacement costs are periodical. The ongoing charges keep adding to the bills. Get a clear image of the estimated costs before you install the grow lights in your aquaponics system.


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