The best archiving solution for file servers

Are you looking for a simple yet a reliable source to extract the old content from the website? Archive manager is your best solution.  It is a cost-effective and manageable way to move huge files to another storage. The pseudo-document management system is not supported by it.

If you want to move your old files to the cloud or have an extra SAN/NAS device or you want a file archiving solution but you don’t have any space to store the files then Archive Manager is your only solution.

For the last 10 years, this file managing system is the best and effective file archiving software server for windows.

It also gives you the freedom to archive any UNC path to any UNC path.

It also has several stubs that can be left in the migrated files and act as a real agentless solution.

It has unique daily maintenance that puts the recently used files in the live system. Your files and data are completely safe with it and no chance of loss of data is possible. It also gives you full Unicode support for words and characters.

It is used in huge multi-million companies over 40 countries of the world. It can manage huge storage system and it is perpetual at the same time. The perpetual and subscription licenses can be obtained only at $800 for 2 TB.This isn’t a complicated reported engineering. It is rather a simple and easy and less complicated.

To get more information about it, you can visit their website.Normally, there are many ways in which the companies try to deploy the real storage but there is an additional cost for the additional storage. It is completely compatible with the duplicate and archive files.

To get more information about this file storage system you can simply visit their website.