Synchronization tool for your Mac with Xiaomi smart phone

In today’s busy world, the ability to access your files and documents on multiple locations whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet is always comes handy. Now you don’t need to rely on CD, DVD, flash drive or any other kind of storage device. With the innovation of new technology which is also known as Synchronization, you can access anything on any device which is synchronized with it. Sync mate, synchronization tool for Mac and Xiaomi Phones is widely used. This app is small in size and easy to use. You can install this app on your Xiaomi smartphone and it will do the rest automatically on its own. You can synchronize android Xiaomi with Mac to sync your data, contacts, calendars, notes, multimedia files etc.

This app is perfect for those people who have to travel very frequently from one place to another. Also the synchronization of the files and events takes place at the background so you do not have to worry about the sync window. You can do your work at the same time when the data is synchronizing in the background.

What does it do?

Sync your contacts and calendars: This tool can sync your all the contacts and calendars event from your Mac to Xiaomi smart phones or from your smart phone to your Mac. All the old contacts will be synced in very less time also the contacts that you will add in your future will also be synced automatically when you will add them to your contact database.

Sync music and photos: We capture photographs on daily basis from our smart phones. This tool will automatically sync the captured photos in your Mac and store it safely in it. Also music videos and songs releases on a daily basis. Many people download their favourite songs on their smart phone to enjoy them. This synchronisation tool will help you in synchronising the music files on your Mac from your smart phone.

Messages synchronisation: This is another feature that this tool offers. You can sync your messages that you have received on your smart phone with the help of this tool. You can read, create, send or delete any of the messages from your Mac using this tool.

Other synchronisation: It also syncs your other files and folders in which the changes have been made. Either a new file is added or existing file is deleted, the tool will sync it in no time.