Online Reputation Management: Personal and Professional Use

Online reputation management is important to maintain for your organization as well as for your personal use. If you’re working for a company, then the success of the brand online should be important to you and you should make the effort to ensure that its success is made a priority. If your company’s online reputation management is weak, then you have reason to panic. If your company’s online reputation management is strong then it is off to a good start compared to other businesses. When discussing online reputation management, it is normally addressed in terms of businesses and how they should control their online reputation management. We too often look past the importance of it in our personal lives. Your personal online reputation management has more influence on your life than you may give it credit. If you do not see the immediate consequences of having a weak online reputation management system for yourself right away on your current life, you may begin to experience the consequences later on in your life. For example, when you’re trying to get a serious job to jump start your career, you may run into some roadblocks if your online reputation management is weak and full of things that you shouldn’t be doing.

The control you possess over your personal online reputation management is directly related to you. It is within your best interest, and even the interest of any organization you’re affiliated with to keep your online reputation management strong and hard to make damage to. Try to think of what you want people to see when they conduct a Google search of your name? The most common top results would be your social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. If your accounts are private then they won’t have access to fully see your online reputation management of your social media content. If you are not a private account, then you should look into making it private or at least filter out any potentially harmful content to you.