Online Reputation Expert Shares His 2017 SEO Checklist

Online Reputation Expert Herman Tumurcuoglu has been around the block a couple of times in the web search industry. Throughout the past 20 years, he has been at all level in the industry from founding one of the very first search engines to owning his own online reputation management business. In his experience, Google’s algorithms defeat many businesses. How do Tumurcuoglu and his team manage to stay in business? By staying ahead of the game.

It is known in the web search industry that when Google refines their algorithm, they wait until SEO experts have discovered how to manipulate their changes and then they change it again. Staying ahead of the game by anticipating Google’s next moves is what has keep his personal consulting business as well as his company so successful all along. Here are his 2017 musts for fellow SEO managers:

  1. Eliminate On-Site SEO Problems – Eliminate any issues that could harm your rankings or prevent Google from effectively crawling your website. Any glitches and mishaps in your website (intentional or not) will prevent you from getting the rankings you want.
  2. Change for a Better CTR – Your click-through-rate is the most telling number as to how well your SEO techniques are being applied and picked up by Google’s algorithm. Understand that there is difference between the type and amount of traffic your website will get in 1st position versus in 4th position. Position matters so ensure that your SEO meta titles and descriptions, AdWrods, targeting, and other techniques are lined up with each other.
  3. Beating the Fold – The fold is the point above which users will have to scroll. As a seller (of a product or service), you want to ensure that followers can see your most attractive and important content without having to navigate. The engagement level of that content will determine id they want to explore the rest of your site.

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