Montreal SEO Expert Tell About 3 SEO Techniques to be Aware of in 2017

Montreal SEO Expert, Herman Tumurcuoglu, has been in the web search industry since he he graduated from Carelton University 20 years ago. Since, through personal consulting and running his own reputation management business, Tumurcuoglu has been able to narrow down the do’s and don’t’s of SEO as Google gets craftier with their algorithm.

  1. Mobile Optimized Content – As everyone is on their cellular devices, it is crucial that publishers and developers make sure their websites and content is accessible from any digital platform. Accelerated mobile pages make it easier for users to interact, make interactions quicker, and more navigation friendly.
  2. Create a User Experience – Speed is not the only key to getting the information across to users in a short period of time. This also requires landing pages to be interactive and attractive to the eye. Younger generations are impatient so they are the likeliest generations to abandon a web page.
  3. HTTP doesn’t always improve your ranking – Two years ago, Google announced that HTTP was going to be a factor in how they rank websites. Soon enough, everyone was transferring their websites to HTTP and the algorithm was overwhelmed. This means that the currently likeliness of HTTP boosting your web page ranking is minimal.

The factors that the Montreal SEO Expert encourages businesses and developers to consider are that citations have little correlation with effective back linking; redirects can be poor for your online reputation if not implemented properly; and accelerated mobile pages (AMP) have increasingly higher click-through-rates.

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