Is your CRM website outdated? Signs it’s time for a change

Mangers who have been running their companies for quite some time already rely on CRM to grow their business. However, an initial investment isn’t always meant to last forever and the CRM website that has served you well for years could become outdated. Sometimes this happens because your business size, requirements and needs have changed and the CRM isn’t flexible enough to adapt to them. Other times, it’s because the software itself was built a long time ago and you need something new. No matter the explanation, you have to assess the performance of your CRM from time to time and spot its downsides before they start losing you money.

Your sales aren’t improving

One of the main benefits of CRM is that it facilitates an increase in sales. However, if this hasn’t happened yet, maybe it’s time to choose another solution. In general, the first signs of sales increase should appear no later than three months after implementing the CRM and the increase should remain constant. If you have not noticed an increase in sales after three months or if your sales have been plummeting lately, you should take into account the possibility of replacing your current CRM with a more modern, flexible one, such as bpm’online.

You don’t have email integration

Despite the advent of social media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies to date. So, if your current CRM does not allow you to integrate emails into your overall strategy, then you are missing out. Many CRM tools allow you to do this, including HubSpot and SugarCRM, so there is no need to stick with something that’s outdated.

Your staff doesn’t use the application

Provided that you have trained your staff to use the CRM software and they still do not use and rely on other methods to complete their tasks, then this might be a sign that the CRM is not user friendly. An intuitive interface can save a lot of time. If it doesn’t exist and if your staff are still using other methods, then the cost of the CRM is simply not justified. Talk to your employees and find out why they don’t like the app. If they think it is burdensome and unintuitive, switch to a better option, perhaps something with a cleaner design and dashboard.

The CRM doesn’t track all leads

A complete CRM solution has to allow you to track leads coming from all sources. Everything should be visible from the dashboard. If your CRM doesn’t allow you to do this and you have to keep track of some opportunities using other tools, that is counterproductive and doesn’t streamline lead nurturing in any way. Also, ask yourself the following: are you still using a whiteboard? Because if you are, then your current CRM is not doing much.

You bought the CRM more than ten years ago

Technologies evolve very fast and if you bought the license for a CRM system 10 years ago, then chances are it has already become outdated. Requirements were different back then and the software might not have the modern tools you need to bring your business to the 21st century. Even if your CRM seems to be working just fine, at least look at some other offers from newer service providers, because you might discover that they are leaps and bounds ahead of what you have.

None of your competitors use the CRM you have

You shouldn’t copy your competitors, but if they are very successful and use another CRM system, then maybe you should find out why that is. In general, the highest quality solutions in this field are rapidly adopted and if no one else has installed your CRM, maybe you should assess its performance to see if it has some major shortcomings.