How to Open a Bong and Glass Shop

The marijuana industry is growing by the day as more and more states are making it legal for medical and recreational purposes. A bong and glass shop, typically known as a head shop, sells paraphernalia that is related to marijuana consumption and culture. Depending on where you live, you may have to call your shop a tobacco store. This article focuses on opening a bong and glass shop since it requires a much smaller investment and focuses on a niche that can be a very lucrative business model.

Know the Laws

It is important that you know the local laws in your area because many times this kind of shop falls into a legal gray area. You must know these laws to make sure that you do not violate any local statutes like failing to get a license to sell tobacco. You do not want scrutiny from law enforcement or other government authorities because you are not following the law.

Choose the Right Location

If you want to open a store, you should know that there are legal and zoning issues that you must pay attention to you. It is important to find a place to put your store where it will not be strongly opposed by the local community. Playgrounds, schools, or anywhere you can find several children is not a good option. Better locations include colleges and bars which are commonly known locations for a bong and glass shop.

Choose the Right Supplier 

Your reputation and what sets your business apart from everyone else selling bongs and glass is the quality, unique styles, and designs you offer. Just like buying whole sale nails and tools, you can find mass produced inventory obtained from wholesalers. These companies are easy to find online and many of them offer you the latest and most popular bongs and glass to get your business started.

You should also look into local glassblowers in your community. When you are able to find inventory that cannot be obtained from mass wholesalers, more people may choose to shop at your business because you have something different and unique to offer. You will also build closer ties with the community by showing that you have an appreciation for the art of making glass bongs and pipes.

Market Your Business

Social networking is your fastest and easiest way to connect with your customer base. Make sure that you set up an account with the most popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get the word out about your business. There are several social media sites to sign up for and taking photos of your products and posting them for your audience to see will help your business grow. If you are near a college, advertising in the college newspaper or doing radio advertisements are also helpful. Getting in on cannabis celebration events will definitely draw attention to your business.

Get Your Items in Cases

Make sure you have the right accessories such as display cases, felt lining, and the proper lighting to highlight the features of your products. Designing portable cases will also allow you to sell in many locations to display your items to new audiences.

Get Started

The bong and glass industry is getting more popular by the day. There are even entrepreneurs who only specialize in luxury bongs. Get in on the action by following these tips to open your own bong and glass shop now.