Instagram, a still growing large social media platform, has become a huge part of our lives. You can share meaningful messages, post amazing memories, tell heartwarming stories, get inspiration from different people and even promote your business. But in order to occupy a place of social significance you have to display a generous amount of followers. And since in modern society it is in demand there are a lot of companies, such as, who can help with it. Depending on your place of residence and wanted services the company will provide you what you want at a really low price. But are there any other ways to get Instagram-famous and what are the pros and cons of buying your follower base?


So, first let’s talk about some natural ways to boost your Instagram audience.

  1. Chose your theme. The vast majority of famous Instagram accounts tend to focus on something one – nail art, interior design, traveling, crafting and, of course, blogs dedicated to cute animals. Make sure to chose the topic and then stick to it with great dedication. But don’t get boring. You can vary the production displayed on your page by occasionally posting something personal or reacting to some hot issues discussed all over the world. Or you can even vary the production itself by throwing in a few casual pictures every day and then switching it up with more sophisticated images every weekend.
  2. Schedule your activities. Remember that you are mostly working for your audience – to acquire, grow, maintain and satisfy it. And trust me, if you work out a stable schedule then your audience will know what and when to expect from you. And that is a solid ground for a loyal supportive follower base. You can let them know your schedule in the bio.
  3. Use hashtags. It is one of the most helpful ways to get your pictures out there for the whole world to see. But here is the trick – you should mix simple hashtags with some quirky ones. Simple hashtags allow a larger amount of random users access to your content, but they simplify the message of the post and might even spoil the general impression of your page. On the other hand, quirky humorous hashtags are difficult to find, but they add certain charm to your pictures and captions and personalize your content. Which is why we strongly recommend to feature both types in your captions. Also, make sure that they are relevant to the post.
  4. Follower interaction. Ask for their opinion in the caption, respond to their comments, repost their pictures. Reaching out to your audience, besides that just being fun and interesting, makes your followers feel like an important part of your account and that will make them want to stay with you.
  5. Serve quality content. No matter how well-scheduled your posts and wonderful your interactions with audience are, if the content you post is of generally poor quality then none of the tips listed above will help you gain a solid follower base. Invest into your production and some high-quality filters to make what you post look appealing and attractive.


Now for the non-organic ways. This method is good if you are in an urgent need to boost your account as fast as possible and need those numbers big. What makes it even more tempting is the price. For example, offers you 1000 Instagram followers only for 1$. And the company provides a variety of safe credible services with possible refunds and direct connection to the admins. Sounds almost too perfect. But is it? Here are a few things you need to know:

  • The followers can be either robots or actual real accounts. Buying fake followers might result in them disappearing from your account after some time and your account getting suspended or even terminated by the social media platform. On the other hand, buying real followers has a very low risk of getting suspended and guarantees you stable follower growth.
  • Don’t go for large follower packages at once. That might attract attention and call for suspicion from the platform employees. A much safer and inconspicuous way is to buy moderate amounts of followers. If you are not satisfied with the final amount you can always opt for another package. That way it is almost impossible to get suspended, especially if you manage your account well (post regularly, engage with other users and so on).
  • If you are an entrepreneur or are trying to kickstart you business on Instagram, engagement rate in your account might matter even more than the number of followers. Because the big companies want to see the customer feedback and the level of satisfaction with your products or services. And having a descent amount of followers, none of whom are active under your posts looks at least suspicious. But that can also be taken care of, for likes are also available for buying at