Google Doc and Sheet Add-ons: Importance and How to use them

Google Docs and Google Sheets are the currently available free alternates to MS Word and Excel. But sometimes, while using them, you may feel some features are yet to come in both of the variants. Well, that unavailability of features is cured when Add-ons are used in Google Docs and Google Sheets.

So, what are Add-ons?

Add-ons are applications (small in size) which are directly added to Google Docs and Sheets so that they can improve functionality of Google products. Add-ons have changed the game for Google docs and sheets and hence, new add-ons are introduced to the directory to improve functioning of Sheets and Docs.

So, how do you install them?

It’s pretty simple. It is installed like a Google Chrome extension and is the task is performed through Google Sheet or Google Docs  interface itself. For example, Open Google Doc > click Add-ons > click Get Add-ons and you will be able to see all available add-ons for your favorite app. You will see a search box on the screen and hence, you will be able to search the add-ons you want via search box and have a seamless experience. When you select the add-on of your choice, you just need to click on the + sign, click in Accept button and hence, the add-on is installed.

How to use Add-ons

You can use Google drive add-ons by just clicking on them by going to the “Add-ons” tab. Select the add-on from the list and it will be opened at the right side of your screen. You can close them after use by clicking on the X button at the right side. You cannot view more than one add-on simultaneously.

How to manage add-ons?

You never need to manage add-ons. They are automatically updated and so you will never have to worry about updating them. You can report bugs if you find any to developers and also disable them for a particular document. To disable an add-on, you need  to click on “Add-ons” options > click manage Add-ons. You will then get your add-ons enlisted and thus you just need to click on the “manage” option beside the add-on you want to disable and choose “disable for this document”. Voila! You have done it. Well, if you want to remove any add-on you don’t like, you can select “remove” option in the option list after clicking “manage” button.

Some of the well-known Add-ons are Thesaurus, Consistency Checker and Table of contents.

I like add-ons because there are lightweight, they do not slow down your application and you can get rid of them whenever you want . Several new add-ons have been introduced and thus, increased the utility of Google Sheets and Docs. If you had stepped aside in the past because you thought that Google Sheets and Docs lacked the streak, you may need to rethink now.