Globalization’s impact on the world: ValueMags

ValueMags is a company that is in the business of providing the service of selling hundreds of different of magazine subscriptions on one convenient site. In order to do business, you need to create relationships with different groups of people namely suppliers and customers. Because they are providing a service and focusing only n the American market, they aren’t relying much on the global market.

The product they are selling though, in this case magazines, might be being printed or the equipment might be coming from a different country. We live in a globalized economy and there is no escaping this reality. Unfortunately, in order for a company to save on production, they will look for the cheapest alternative to get a product manufacture an item. This causes a huge threat to the species whose consumers live thousands of miles in a different part of the world. There has been research done on the roots of the major consuming countries are menacing the rich ecosystem of the world. This way, it can help exporting and importing regions do business together while still being aware and conserving local issues accordingly.

There are over 6,500 endangered, vulnerable or critically endangered species across the world. ValueMags understands the importance of getting the help they need and understanding why each animal has gotten themselves on that list. Each region has a different area they export and import from. For example, the United States is having a big impact in certain areas of Brazil and surprisingly in Spain and Portugal as well. The European Union focuses on getting their products from mostly Africa. There are other negative issues that arise from exporting which are increases in pollution and boosting the obliteration of critical habitat to make room for agriculture, forests and urban areas.

Once conservationists see the maps of regions that were once populated with an abundance of now endangered species, it will be easier to prioritize their work. There needs to be some kind of collaboration between the regions who consume and those that produce. This task may seem overwhelming but possible especially if the region that are exporting deal with few consuming countries. ValueMags knows the importance of getting such agreements in place for the good of the planet and the species that live within it.