(Even More) Reasons To Invest In Orange County Video Production  

If you aren’t using video as part or focus of your marketing strategy, but youare dependent on the online/digital world as your main communication and distribution channel, you’re doing something wrong. You are, simply put, missing out on what is possibly the biggest opportunity available for digital marketers, retailers, entrepreneurs, authorities—basically anybody who wishes to establish a presence. Regardless of whether it’s for business or brand, investing inOrange County video productionis a smart move. And there are numbers to back this statement up.

As a Marketer

If you’re a marketer—whether traditional, digital, content, SEO, or otherwise—you need to realize that video is your best friend. It gives the best ROI out of all type of content—or so 51% of marketing professionals agree. According to WordStream, non-video marketers grow revenue at a rate 49% slower than those who use videos. And as of 2017, 69% of all global consumer internet traffic is comprised of internet video.

It’s pretty much established that video marketing is one of the more powerful formats of marketing, regardless of whether you’re talking online or traditional. The television commercials

As a Retailer

Out of 1,000 surveyed, 96% of them viewed video content as highly useful when making purchasing decisions online. Another 93% also turned to video post-purchase for instructions, tips, and guidelines regarding the product they bought. And as far as retail goes, videos aren’t just great for conversion rates and getting people to buy (although that’s obviously one of the sweeter aspects). 77% of consumers consider companies who produce video content to be more engagedwith their customer base. A further 58% of themsay that they consider companies who put out videos trustworthy.

As a retailer, videos are one of the best ways you can establish solid brand-consumer relationships without the need of physical events or one-on-one communication.

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As a Brand

Starting off with Facebook—the social media platform that arguably started it all—it’s worth mentioning that as of 2017, 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day. It’s also worth mentioning that 85% of those videos are often watched without sound (thanks to Facebook’s scrolling auto-play feature). Snapchat, on the other hand, boasts a whopping 10 billion videos watched per day. Not surprising, considering Snapchat was based on social video sharing, but the number’s still pretty staggering.

As of February 2017, there are a reported 319 million active users on Twitter. 82% of them watch video content on that platform. The number may seem modest compared to Snapchat and Facebook, but it’s still a lot of people. YouTube itself has claimed almost one-third of total internet users. For those targeting the millennials (men and women aged 25 to 34), it might be interesting to note that they watch the most online videos compared to other age brackets and demographics.

The biggest takeaway here is that it doesn’t matter what profession you may be in. The market for video production is more widespread and versatile than it was ten, twenty years ago. With options ranging from freelance videographers to established Orange County video production companies, literally anyone—regardless of budget, background, or intent—can get a video made.Alternatively, anyone with a smartphone and internet access can capture and upload a video. Suffice to say, the age we’re living in has made it borderline impossible not to deal with video.