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Everyone loves to hear some music. Music is a form of art that is popular from many years. Many people have evolved different types of tools and equipments to produce music. In ancient times, rocks, metals, woods and many other things are used to produce music. Beautiful lyrics with some awesome music comprise a song.  A day without listening music will certainly be awkward for many people. People listen to music on a daily basis. They believe that listening to music eases their tension and makes them feel relaxed. A majority of audiences listens to English songs. Everyday month hundreds of English songs are released all over the world. There are many websites which offers the latest released English songs. So if you are wondering which songs are the top hits 2017 in English, there are many websites which are offering the latest news and listings related to the English music released in the music industry. Once you have got to know the top songs of 2017, there are many websites which are providing free download new English Songs facility to their users.

These websites provide the users with the latest listings of English songs and you can also easily download the songs from their websites. Their ratings comprises of best or top English songs released. Then they do the listings of songs which are most demanded and are most loved by the audience. They list the top English songs on a weekly basis, Monthly basis, and on the yearly basis. Weekly basis listings contain those fresh songs which are getting popular among the music lovers in that particular week. Monthly basis listing contains the most popular songs released in that particular month. Yearly basis listing contains those popular songs which have managed to hold their top positions in the listings. These websites are very useful for those persons who don’t listens music much but wants to enjoy some music whenever they are free at home or at the office.

They also provide you with the latest news, as everyone wants to know the happenings of the music industry. These websites update their news or blogs on a daily basis to keep the audience attracted towards their music website. Also the audience wants to know what their favorite music artist is up to. What is their planning? When their next music album is going to release? These latest news and listings help these websites attract maximum music lovers towards their websites.