4 Machines Every Office Must Have

No matter the type of business, no matter the size of your business, you need to have an office. If you have an independent, home-based business, your office might be the kitchen table; but you must have an office.  Even if you are not a technology-based company, you will find it is much easier to manage your business when you have technology as part of your establishment.

Knowing this, lets take a quick look at a few modern 123ink.ca machines that every office needs in order to be successful.


Yes, we are going to start this list with the most obvious item: mobile devices. And it might seem like it doesn’t need to be discussed, but you really can’t do business today without a mobile strategy. You don’t necessarily need to have a mobile app or anything like that, but you do want to have a few basic mobile devices:  a mobile phone, of course, but also perhaps a laptop or even a tablet.

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Having a mobile device plan in your business allows you to conduct business without having to be in the office all the time. And when your company is very small, this allows you to wear many hats at the same time, freeing you from a desk to actually be hands-on with your company.


Basically, we are talking about the all-in-one printer, but there are many multi-functional devices that might serve you well.  These days, the more work you can get out of a single machine, the more efficient you will be.


In the past, white boards were the board room display you needed.  Today, interactive display systems are the norm.  This next generation concept has network connectivity that provides seamless integration with whatever your existing technology might be. More importantly, this should also help to support your growth down the road.


Your business might not have a lot of printing needs, but that does not mean you will never need one.  More importantly, you should consider what your needs might be in the future and that is why a wide format printer is a smart idea: it can be very expensive to print your large-format media at a copy and print shop. Perhaps most important, most large-format printers can also perform traditional print jobs, so this lets you occupy less office space.

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